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J. Todd McCarty

Todd McCarty is Principal of WSI Marketing Upside (a franchisee of WSI) and a digital marketing strategist. Todd has more than 20 years of experience in media and marketing and has worked with four different Fortune 500 Companies in a marketing leadership capacity including Anheuser-Busch, BellSouth Corporation, Cox Enterprises and NCR Corporation. Most recently,as Global Digital Marketing Operations Leader for NCR Corporation, Todd managed the company’s marketing technology stack as well as ncr.com, social media operations, marketing automation, sales enablement, the global intranet, marketing analytics and provided oversight of the corporate 800 number.  As a revenue focused marketer, Todd “connected the dots” between NCR’s website, marketing automation platform and CRM system to demonstrate the amount of revenue that marketing was driving for the company.

Simon Sinek, a globally known marketing consultant and speaker, implores every business to understand their ‘why’.  If you have never seen his video titled Start with Why I highly encourage you to watch it. It gives valuable insights into how companies can go to market more effectively when they understand their true purpose,” says McCarty.

Drawing from Simon Sinek’s concept of ‘why’, Todd started WSI Marketing Upside because he wanted to help small and medium-sized business owners realize their growth potential or ‘upside’.  His goal is to bring thinking to the table for his clients that they might not normally be able to access through other marketing service providers to help them grow intelligently.  Todd excels at connecting the dots for his clients (marketing activities to business outcomes) and aligning with business owners and sales teams to drive growth.  To see case studies of Todd’s work in the corporate world, please visit his personal brand website.

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