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Complimentary Internet Marketing Assessment

Get Control of Your Digital Footprint

One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your online presence is to have someone take a look from the outside in, so WSI Marketing Upside offers a Complimentary Internet Marketing Assessment to all of our potential clients as our “first date.”

We will outline your internet marketing strengths and weaknesses and help you hone your online approach, creating a competitive strategy to capitalize on leads and grow your business.

WSI Marketing Upside provides a comprehensive overview

Your complimentary website assessment consists of a presentation delivered by our team that breaks down the important aspects of your internet marketing presence, including:

  • Website design
  • Search visibility
  • Competitor online presence
  • Online directory accuracy

WSI Marketing Upside understands you want your business to grow over the long term. Our team helps you reach those goals by providing you with the solid data to make informed decisions regarding your online marketing strategy.

With a Complimentary Internet Marketing Assessment, you’ll be armed with a data-driven analysis to help you take a hard look at your current approach and see how your current strategy is working, as well as where it needs improvement.

We can help you determine whether you’re winning or losing the battle to connect with your audience and attract more clientele.

Before undergoing a Complimentary Internet Marketing Assessment, our clients faced the following issues:
  • Frustration that their investment in a website wasn’t resulting in traffic, leads or revenue.
  • Confusion about implementing an online marketing plan and needing assistance to achieve their quarterly objectives.
  • Juggling marketing efforts with little time and many other tasks.
  • Concerns they’ve spent thousands on marketing tactics that haven’t produced the desired results.
  • Uncertainty about what components of their current strategy are generating positive business outcomes (i.e. revenue and market share).

The team from WSI Marketing Upside creates our detailed analyses by compiling key data about your business and expectations. This is then shared with you during an in-person, one-hour meeting or phone conference, where you and your team will have the chance to discuss concerns and ask questions.

Typically, the agenda for the assessment will include specific background on your business and marketing challenges, a data-driven online marketing breakdown and mutual Q&A session. We’ll then determine if a second meeting makes sense for your business.

Our assessment provides key data for your company

After working with WSI Marketing Upside to analyze your Digital Footprint, you’ll be presented with the following data to further inform your strategic decisions:

  • Data-Driven Web Design Assessment and Heat Map Analysis
  • Site Search Visibility Analysis
  • Online Directory Analysis
  • Assessment of Search Visibility for Three Competitors (Traffic, Keywords & Online Presence)
  • Review of Your Marketing Technology Infrastructure
Take your marketing strategies one step further

After presenting you with the data collected in your Complementary Internet Marketing Assessment, the WSI Marketing Upside team can use it to start the process of transforming your digital marketing efforts into a revenue driver and not just another expense.

Contact our team today to start your transformation and stop the bleeding.

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