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Deliver Clear, Effective Messages with Optimized Landing Pages

Our team at WSI Marketing Upside has many years’ experience building stylish landing pages designed to convert traffic to leads. We understand the best practices techniques that drive conversion when building landing pages and promoting offers.

By investing in optimized landing pages from our leading Atlanta digital marketing agency, you can:

  • Turn visitors into customers and capitalize on conversions
  • Integrate with paid search campaigns and SEO for effective results
  • Improve returns on your offers with proven optimization techniques
The mistakes companies make in landing page design

As a leading Atlanta digital marketing firms, we’ve seen the damage that ineffective landing page designs can have on a brand. We know the mistakes companies make and we can help your company to learn from these mistakes.

Below are just a few examples of the errors growing companies make in developing landing pages. We call them “The 8 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design”:

  1. Unclear calls to action, which result in no clicks/conversion
  2. Not keeping promises by offering an experience that is inconsistent with upstream messaging
  3. Using too many fields for data capture
  4. Using too much information to force users to scroll down the page
  5. A lack of trust symbols
  6. Making the text difficult to skim
  7. Using too much distracting color
  8. Giving users too many choices, giving them analysis paralysis
How WSI Marketing Upside builds strong landing pages

WSI Marketing Upside optimizes the page so the call to action is easily accessible and the value of the offer is clear. We also simplify the overall design so there are no distractions that can take away from your offer. Then, we use heat map technology to project where a visitor’s eye is likely to track on the page to ensure that the page is optimized to convert. This is all part of building a landing page that will integrate with your SEO and PPC campaigns, generating leads and sales for your business.

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Are your Landing Pages fully optimized? Let us help you.