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Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is simply any page that a prospect or customer can ‘land’on. However, in the marketing world, a landing page is often intended to be separate from your primary website while focusing the visitor on a specific action to complete.  This means that your landing page should not include distractions such as your global navigation bar at the top of the page or other irrelevant links that don’t focus the visitor on the action that you want them to take.  Tailoring your customer experience will go a long way to increasing the return on your digital marketing investment.

Think about it this way, if your product was for sale in a large department store, would you simply direct them to any retail location?  Or, would you prefer to provide them with details about the aisle or section where your product could be found?  Usually, the more focused and specific the information you provide to your customer, the better your chances of them buying your product. Right?

Landing pages are an important part of your digital marketing strategy.  With a few simple changes optimized landing pages will help you improve conversion and drive the actions that you want.

Here are other benefits:
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