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Marketing Strategy Brief

What is a marketing strategy brief you ask?  It is a document that outlines a business’s objectives and needs for their marketing efforts and informs the development of a marketing plan.  If a strategy is a “plan to meet an objective that allocates limited resources,” then we have a lot to learn from you before we can recommend the right plan. WSI Marketing Upside will help you organize your thoughts by holding an in-depth, 2-Hour discovery session with you to discuss how you plan to grow your business using a combination of sales, marketing, and products and services.

We believe in the saying “garbage in equals garbage out”.  This phrase taken from the computer science and information technology fields and speaks to the idea that poor quality input will usually produce faulty output.  That’s why we spend a significant amount of time with you upfront to understand your business before we formulate a recommendation.

Prioritize your efforts with WSI Marketing Upside

Our team can ask you questions to help you think about your business differently than you have before to unearth your marketing needs. We want to spend more time with you upfront to understand your business and marketing challenges to help you prioritize your spending to focus efforts where the funds can have an impact. .

During this session you will:
  • Answer 30 or more questions about your business.
  • Identify and distill your goals, messaging and target audience into easily digestible language to inform marketing efforts.
  • Ask questions and actively participate during the session to learn how marketing can impact your bottom line.
  • Learn about modern marketing approaches for driving lead conversion.

Whether you desire long-term growth or leads right away, our discovery session will help create a clear strategy for success.

Let Our Team Save You Time & Money!

One of the foremost advantages of working with WSI Marketing Upside to construct a marketing strategy brief is that the process is designed to save both time and money. No more sitting through multiple discovery sessions with potential marketing firms: our team streamlines the process while simultaneously providing a solid foundation for recommendations from your agency.

What is the finished product?

After the team from WSI Marketing Upside has had a chance to assess your organization and work with you during the discovery process, all of the key data we’ve collected will be compiled into a comprehensive 10+-page document for your review.

This document includes:

  • A breakdown of your business goals
  • An overview of your ideal customer profile
  • Synopsis of your company’s key messages
  • Review of previously implemented marketing strategies and their success
  • Comprehensive analysis of marketing challenges you face
Let WSI Marketing Upside help you turn marketing in a revenue driver for your company.

After you approve your Marketing Strategy Brief, we’ll work side-by-side to develop a detailed marketing plan and proposal.

To learn more about how our team can help your organization grow, contact us today.

Get in touch and learn how WSI can help your business.