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Paid Search and Display Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is undeniably the quickest route for driving your website to the first page of Google and Bing. By utilizing Google AdWords, we employ industry proven methods to get you on the fast track to higher rankings, more clicks and improved conversions. What many don’t realize is that paid search advertising also has the power to underscore your entire digital strategy and help you with branding, competitor analysis and search engine optimization.

Equally important though is brand advertising using tactics such as display advertising (the equivalent of an online billboard). Research has shown that a combination of lead generation advertising (using tactics like PPC) combined with brand advertising to build your reputation drives the best results. If you think about it, when you need a service or product, you may likely head to Google and do a search, but selecting which link to click on is often driven by your perception of the company and its reputation. Today, with tactics like retargeting, you are able to target people who have come to your website but have not converted. In this instance, display advertising is used to entice visitors back to your website to drive leads and conversion using the latest technology.

Here are other benefits:
  • Budgetfriendly techniques for PPC allow you to set your budget and only pay for clicks to your site
  • Flexibility to make changes on the fly to your messages
  • All-inclusive performance metrics for both paid search and display advertising
  • Reach prospects on the go by serving up ads on smartphones and tablets
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