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Confused on where to start with digital marketing?

You know you need to be investing more in the digital space, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start because it changes so quickly. We sit with you and ask a lot of questions to understand your challenges and help you develop a phased marketing plan that starts small and grows with your business. All of our solutions are developed as stand-alone services. For those requiring a more holistic marketing plan, we’re equipped to integrate services, providing solutions across different platforms and cost-reduction options.

Unsure of which half of your marketing works?

With all of the tools available today, you can put your marketing plan to work, generating sales and other leads and track results, but you must have the right technology infrastructure. Whether through the use of pay-per-click advertising or data and analytics, WSI can provide all the tools needed to help you track activities like page views and social media likes to outputs like leads to outcomes like revenue and market share.

Frustrated that your spent a lot of money on a site that doesn’t drive sales?

Since the inception of the Internet in the mid-1990s, the team at WSI has been creating websites and utilizing the leading technology to provide exceptional services. We’ve been honing our skills over the past 20 years, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. This has given our team valuable insight into what it takes to build a cost-effective site that follows best practices convert traffic to leads and ultimately increase your sales.

Upset you spent a lot of money on a program that yielded no results?

If this is how you feel then your previous provider may not have taken time to truly understand your ideal customer profile. Our digital strategy experts can help you create a blueprint to reach your ideal customers or personas. If you aren’t sure how to build an ideal customer profile, we can help with that as well. We believe that to help you drive results we have to understand your ideal customer profile to identify your key advantages online so that we can tailor a plan that provides results.

Concerned that your customers and prospects can’t find you in search engines?

You used to be able to spend money on yellow pages in different headings to drive visibility when someone needed your services, but Google changed the game. Now, most people start with Google when they need to solve a problem and they don’t even think about which heading to start with. Instead, they type questions and use relevant keywords. To show up in search engines you have to be sure that your website is set up properly from both a technical and content perspective to be found by search engines and displayed in a relevant keyword search to your customers. WSI has the tools to develop a targeted plan that boosts visibility.

Embarrassed that your website doesn’t enhance your reputation in the market?

A good business relies on their reputation to attract new clients and benefit from referrals. WSI can help you develop a new mobile friendly or responsive website that better reflects your brand and reputation in the market. We can also provide programs to help you reach out to existing customers and influence them to review your business online. Having outstanding reviews on relevant sites will help prospective customers evaluate your business and give them the confidence to contact you for help.