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Web Analytics

Think of web analytics as a way to measure the investment that you made in your website. You spent the money to build the site. Don’t you want to know who is coming to the site and how often they visit? Are you curious about what devices they are using to access your site? Wouldn’t it be great if you could see how many visitors you are getting monthly and what percentage of those visitors are converting into leads? To measure your branding efforts, would you like to know how many people are typing in your web address to get to your site?

If you answered yes to these questions, then hopefully you already have a web analytics solution on your website. If you’ve never really thought about any of these questions before, we can help you get a web analytics solution up and running on your website. We believe that where your customers go, your analytics should follow. Our goal is to understand your growth and marketing objectives and measure the results.In the digital world, this measurement starts with your web analytics tool and builds with other tools such as social and marketing automation.

Here are other benefits:
  • Detect and fix problems on your site during your campaign before it is too late
  • Track performance over time and uncover patterns of success and fluctuations
  • Boost conversion rates by pinpointing key barriers to purchase
  • Minimize customers “bouncing” from your site so they don’t come once and leave quickly
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