If you are a local business owner, hearing terms like inbound marketing and local search ranking factors might sometimes confuse you.  The digital marketing world is constantly changing and can be a confusing place.  Here’s some good news, it doesn’t have to be confusing.  Local Search and inbound marketing and just new terminology for an age old game.  If you were a buyer looking for a seller 30 years ago, you probably turned to the Yellow Pages for an answer.  Inbound marketing and local search are relatively new terms for the game of appealing to buyers looking for sellers.  After all, the purpose of the yellow pages was to help buyers find sellers.  But now it is done by leveraging your digital presence (website, social media, directory listings, etc…)

Now more than ever, people are relying on mobile devices and online platforms to shop and find nearby businesses. Google research shows that over 60% of searches are mobile and growing.  As one of the leading search engine marketing firms at helping small business owners understand search, the team from WSI Marketing Upside has helped teach hundreds of small business owners how to boost local search ranking factors. Below, we’ve collected some insightful tips about the tools at your disposal.

Google my Business

There were several changes to Google’s business services last year, so make sure your Google my Business pages are up to date. Using an optimized description with industry keywords and local services is a good way to rise in search rankings. Also be sure that any information on your Google page is correct, such as your location data, which directly affects whether Google suggests your business to those in your area.

Be Specific About Services

Another factor that greatly influences search engine rankings is how you categorize your business. Many search engine marketing firms recommend their clients be as direct and detailed as possible when categorizing their business on Google or other such websites. This is because the more descriptive you are, the better search pages understand what your business does, which in turn boosts rankings. Also, don’t forget to be specific about your services on your site.  Having one page that lists all of your services, won’t help you with search engines because the search engine is going to see a page for “services” and nobody is looking for the generic term services.  You must break out your services onto different pages with clear titles so that search engines can see them.  That doesn’t mean you’ll see instant results ,but it is a step in the right direction.

Don’t Forget Video Content

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world behind Google.  As SEO ranking factors and search algorithms change and adapt, simply having a solid blog and optimized website doesn’t go as far as it used to. That’s why many are taking advantage of emerging tools like video and audio, which can be optimized to fill in some of those niches. This is because search engines like YouTube are less saturated with SEO-laden content, providing you with alternative methods to grow your client base and increase brand visibility.

Go Back to Basics: Optimize Your Site

One of the best ways to be highlighted in local search rankings is to have a website optimized for local search and services. Website optimization is nothing new, but with the recent emphasis being placed on mobile searches and local SEO rankings, creating unique local content is more important than ever. Locally optimizing your site and linked business pages will generate proven organic ranking factors over the long-term. We strongly recommend a one-time “on page” optimization after launching a new website to set you up for long-term success.  You wouldn’t buy new business cards and keep them in your drawer so why build a new website and not make it visible to search engines?

Our Atlanta search engine marketing firm

Do you want to rise to the top in local search engine rankings? WSI Marketing Upside can make certain you’re using all of the tools at your disposal to increase organic rankings and improve local traffic. To learn more about our digital marketing solutions, call us today.